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Yeah, it's old news that HBO has lost it's cache, but with Albrecht out and Sue Naegle in (and who was really interesting talking about the job she had for, like, days at the Writer's Guild in May), and True Blood and Generation Kill notwithstanding, the tide may be turning...if slowly. At least for me, personally. Screw all you fuckers.

First off, there's some nudgement in that Nine Inch Nails/Year Zero TV series I wrote about here a while back.

Said Reznor,
"This is my grand ambition. Will it happen? I don't know. It was fun sitting and telling [the HBO] guys and watching them shake their head and having writers on board and producers that are in to it. It's been a fun thing."
Pitched as a two-season maxi-series, it would also reach into another ARG and culminate in another concept album. I imagine, though, that the series itself would stand on its own quite well, for those perhaps unwilling to reach too far.

Then, I came across a recent interview with Aaron Sorkin on the GQ site in which he says...
"I just sat down and had a great meeting with Sue Naegle, who’s the head of HBO. So if you have an idea for a series, let me know."
So, take that as you will. This comes off of frequent Sorkinite Kevin Falls having said...
"I liked Studio 60 a lot, but maybe [series mastermind Aaron Sorkin] should have done his unique take on a cop show or something different. By the way, he’s not done with TV, yet, and we’ll be the better for it."
And lets not forget that David Simon also has his New Orleans pilot, Treme, yet to shoot.

Might one day have to actually get HBO...
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