RED RIGHT HAND 40 12 00 20 16 02 16 52 02 50 44 46 30 32 20 00 46 38 16 42

Red Right Hand: SAY WHAT NOW?
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Here's a little approximation of something I like to do when the opportunity arises in my pilots. Not recommended for series specs, where doing it like they do it is the order of the day.

This is just how I do it.

  • An uncomfortable beat while al-Haque decides there’s no way out of the situation without getting ugly.


  • HUNTER #1
  • How’s that?

  • I said I wish you two would shoot each other.

  • The hunters glance at one another and then back at Al-Haque, their suspicions seemingly confirmed. They slowly raise their rifles.


  • Up above the wilderness, as the sun blankets. TWO GUNSHOTS, almost simultaneous, ring out through the trees, sending the birds flying, fleeing.

Of course, it doesn't have that subtle border like you see here. That's just me fucking with the screenbox css and not really knowing how to turn off the picture borders non-globally.

I did this in another script with an inter-dimensional ninja, though that was for comic effect, but it worked. A table read busted out laughing.

OK, move along.
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