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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



...but not necessarily in that order.

I admit it, my ability to prioritize sucks harder than a hull breach on the International Space Station. Keep your physics nitpicks to yourself.

I don't overly involve myself in too much stuff if I can help for this very reason. It's a lesson I've learned in the last couple of years or so, I guess.

There's the writing I do writing scripts. There's no deadline on these (unfortunately) yet these are the things I'm drawn to first and foremost. For instance, yesterday, I spent a chunk of time rewriting the first act of Hellcat. This largely because the main character slapped me around and she said ...

  • What the fuck is this shit you've written for me? Do it over again or I'll turn your arms into tentacles.

I thought about that for a bit and decided that the tentacles would be bad, so... I do what I'm told.

Also, I've got this short deadline piece for CBR, not to mention some other pieces down the line that I should be jumping on, but I was working on Hellcat and on the next thing.

The next thing is some video editing I need to do. Fortunately I have been doing that. Finally. I had to get around some technical difficulties, but I'm there now and I'm on a roll. That project should show up before too long now.

In doing these things, I 've fallen back on the notes I owe a friend on his Mad Men script. It was a good script. I liked it, but I'm generally a "discuss the script" guy and so I need to make some time to write out a good, thoughtful assessment. I thought I'd see him today, but I'm not, so I'm totally doing that. I feel like shit about not doing that earlier. If anything I may actually have more time today than I planned for, so maybe I can use it to get caught up on that shit, but then I have the character from Hellcat in my ear.

  • (whispers)
  • Come back. You know you want to. Just put those fingers on the keys and make word things go.

Then, oh, there's another pilot I got to get out of my head yet has a very - well, I think it has a very limited usefulness to me, but I'm going to do it anyway.

Then there's the Pushing Daisies spec, which I've let sit long enough to get some distance on it so I can go back at it for some rewrites.

All of the above has suffered for about an hour while I watched the newest possible Doctor Who. And another hour while I was Outback. I'm sorry I needed a steak right there and then, and there's one just up the street. And suffered while I've been writing this post.

BTW, while I've been writing and editing, I've had on the PBS mini-series Carrier. I had eight hours of it on the DVR. Fanfuckingtastic documentary. Now that's a reality show.

OK, back to work. Sorry Danny, you're just going to have to wait a while, I got some catching up to do.
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