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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



First of all, if you want to get some cool insights into writing a Dexter spec, you could do worse than to go look at Josh. I know for a fact he's put a lot of thought into it and when he comes out the other side, it's clearly going to rawk with full-on headbanging motion.

Secondly, my new writer's group, of which I had my second meeting last night, rawks with an equally headbangy motion, as perhaps evinced by the Rock Band drum kit in the the room. I put my Dexter up on the block and man, oh, man did it get chopped.

Why am I happy about it? Because I agreed with everything they said. Well, ninety percent of it.

Upon coming home, armed with notes, a cheesesteak and two distinct directions I could take the script in, I brainstormed. Brainstormed hard. Stormy enough to bring down the unseasonable temps. I was excited about the directions when I left the meeting, but ultimately, they were directions I had explored before and my problem wasn't that they didn't work, it was that they work too well. I think they're probably the two most likely contenders for most of the Dexter specs out there.

That really shouldn't be that big an issue. It's really about the writing. Capturing the voices. Telling the story. I read one such spec a couple of days and it was the awesome sauce. That only makes me want to find a third direction even more.
So I watched Doctor Who Confidential. That's got fuck-all do with anything, but it cleared the brain.

Then I got it. I found the solution that I wish I came up with when I was writing the damn thing to begin with. This feels good. This feels better than when I wrote the previous draft. And it answers the concerns of the group and lets me feel like I'm taking the character into new ground, but not too new. Specs are a balancing act that way.

This is going to push my new pilot, Hellcat back a little, which is fine. I can use the time to continue percolating on it. And if I can use my speediness that Josh speaks of, maybe I can get the rewrite done before the next group meeting, which in turn gives me a little more time keep tweaking the Pushing Daisies.
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