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So a few months ago I had this opportunity to join a new writer's group. I was actually quite looking forward to it. Then it abruptly didn't happen. Now, a new opportunity has arisen. The trick is finding like minds.

So, me and these two other guys, Brian and Erik, we're putting together a writer's group. We want some more writers in it.

Here's the sitch. It's in the L.A. area. It's a TV-focused group. Sitcom or one-hour. Support and a critical eye. Snacks too, I'm sure. Oh, yes. Snacks.

We're just getting this underway and, in fact, the three of us have yet to meet face-to-face, so you won't be facing cliqage or trying to fit into a group that already has their own shorthand with each other. This is ground floor. This is basement, even.

If you're interested, send me one of those new-fangled e-mail things all the kids are talking about these days. If you don't know how, ask a knowledgeable adult to help you and to give you some candy. The addy is us up at the top of the right column.

And have a script ready that we can read (and we'll each give you one in return). A spec or a pilot, something you really like and represents you well. Not for getting notes. Just so we all get to know each other. Notes later. And snacks.

There is a limit on how many writers we have room for (though we don't know exactly what that limit is yet) so sooner is better.

Then there's the blood pact...
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