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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Aye, last night I hit the Die Hard/Bad Santa double feature at the Aero with another noted scribospherian. At first, I failed (in my infinite dull-wittedness) to note they were both Christmas movies, but I also failed to realize, they're both "safe-cracking flicks."

A good time was had by all. This is really such a theater movie. People get into watching this on the big screen, even twenty years later. It's just so well put together. Damn.

I'd never been to the Aero, but it's a nice place with ample free parking and I'm inclined to go back, maybe for Persepolis.

As I am among the few survivors of the holiday plague that causes the L.A. area streets to empty out, my Christmas plans are decidedely non-Christmassy, which is kinda how I roll most holiday times ("how I roll?" WTF izzat?).

Another double feature is on tap, i.e. Sweeney Todd and, of course, Sorkin (Charlie Wilson's War). I just don't know which to start with.

And there will be writing. Lots of writing. The final episode of what is now being called Area Five will go down, if not this extended weekend, by the end of the year. Then, I move on to logistics of shooting my web series. Sets, casting, coding up a site, etc.

I've also got less than a month to get my "Serling competition script" done and sent in. Scarcely big money or massive rep gains, but it's got Rod Serling's name on it, I gotta give a go.

And, a page one rewrite on my Dexter spec, which in the final few episodes of this last season was utterly obliterated. I know your pain, Josh. Fortunately, I'm ready to roll on the same theme, same title, even the same B-plot, but a brand new A-plot. And I think it's going to be better than the previous version, so blessing in bloody disguise.

And with that, may you get what you want when you deactivate the electromagnetic seal under your tree.

And if it's 640 million in bearer bonds, might I prevail upon you for a note or two?

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