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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



The hot specs. The ones you have to write because they're the ones they will read. Some of them I like for a special, if mercenary, reason.

Certain hot specs you either nail or you absolutely don't. House, for instance. You can't fake a House, you gotta use real nails and stuff. You either get that voice right or you look quite the fool. I like to think that mine is the former. You have to be confident in your writing. Don't you?

I'm glad I'm not a straight comedy writer (oxymoron unintended), I don't think I could do a 30 Rock. Mine would seem...deficient, I'm sure. I know that when I read a 30 Rock that has been nailed, I'm reading a really, really good writer.

That's why I'm hoping that Pushing Daisies not only can keep up what they've started, but that they also find a more than respectable audience with a sizeable faction inside the industry. I think I can nail that. I think a lot of people can't (but they think they can). I lot of other people can actually nail it, but still...would you rather you rather face hordes or just droves*.

Well, the show got a full season order, so it could be spec'able. Time will tell. I might do it anyway.

At the very least, a full pile of 22 Pushing Daisies (let's not think strike) certainly beats a half-season of Wonderfalls. Or a half-hour of Amazing Screw-On Head. [tangent]Sci-Fi buzzed the buzz right out of that thing, trying to make it a viral thing instead of just having faith [subtangent]not that faith is a real business precept, but if you don't believe in what you put it on, then what you put on sucks [/subtangent], putting it on the air and watching it grow like any given Adult Swim show does.[/tangent]

So, yeah. That's what I like in a so-called hot spec. One that's a little more difficult than average. That's one reason I'm working on a Mad Men, and quite possibly getting it all wrong, but it sure doesn't feel that way, and when it starts to, it goes in the trash (icon).

*Metric droves. I know you wondering.
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