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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



  • So what sucks about this modern age is that it be premiere week and I've already seen most of these pilots (yarr). My own damn fault. Not really complaining though.
  • Watched Reaper because I saw the pre-Peregrym version, so there's that.
  • Journeyman, which I hadn't seen, was interesting, if not a little underdeveloped-seeming. Like it's not quite all there. Like it was a first draft that was shot. The thing at the end with digging up the ring, the crescendo if you will, was smooth though, a little manipulative, but I dug it anyway. Merits further viewing. The whole NBC line up for that night is just fun.
  • Watched Chuck again and noticed that Yvonne Stre-- Strc-- She changed the spelling of her name it seems. She seems to have gone for a phonetic spelling.
  • Thing I find myself doing in watching these new shows is preparing for one of them to possibly be spec bait. Three or so one-liners per show. Chuck was/is fun because it also has this episode title scheme of "Chuck Versus [fill in the blank]" With those, titles can generate ideas. Did it with Journeyman, Reaper, K-Ville. It's a good exercise. However if the spec bait breakout this year turns out to be Private Practice then the system really is broken. Broken like any piece of electronics on stage at the end of Nine Inch Nails set.
  • Bionic Woman has the new sister in it and some change-up in the parents thing. Personally, I could do without any sister at all. I'm just concerned about the goings-on in that series. Losing Glen Morgan (and in so doing any chance of Darin Morgan writing something).
  • My recent pilot script, Army of Me has a new title. Best Possible Dave. As a result, the main character is now called Dave. It's got more wide-ranging meaning and I like the name Dave. Fits the tone better too.
  • Haven't seen Life yet. Don't even really know much about it. Will watch it later, though.
  • DVR screwed up on K-Ville and grabbed me the much lower-priority Enterprise reruns. Wrongness. Will see how the sophomore episode stacks up later in the week. [tangent] Also, why did Enterprise teasers suck SO hard. They didn't tease anything most of the time. Were they just not trying anymore? "We got the Trekkies by their pointed ears, why bother?" Hence the four-year-run, eh?[/tangent]
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