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I have mentioned here, on occasion, a couple of unattainable crushes, but I don't think I've ever mentioned number one on the list, and likely the most highly unattainable of the already extremely unattainable crushes (actually, I have, but it's been a good long while).

Tina Fey makes me feel funny.

She made me defend SNL to my friends ragging on it (there's a whole rant there, but not today). She made me pay cash money to see a Lindsay Lohan movie (and buy the DVD) not to mention watch it (repeatedly). She's the only writer (possibly ever) of whom I am pleased to find risque pictures from magazine interviews. And see this picture?

She's smiling at me. She is! She's the one with the glasses, by the way. And if she ever gets LASIK eye surgery, I will track now Jerry Lasik and kill him. Several times. I hate the LASIK. Not real wild about the invention of contact lenses either.

Still, I would like to meet her one day. You know, they should have something like comic conventions for comics...or rather comedy-types. Instead of going and meeting Geoff Johns, Kristin Bell or that guy that played someone Vader choked, you could meet George Carlin, Tina, or whatever. Can't really call them comic conventions, though. Just sayin'.

I'm prompted by my marathon watching of my favorite sitcom this weekend. The 30 Rock DVDs came out last week.

See, here's the thing. I'm not a huge sitcom guy. I've no interest in writing one (and we'll not speak of the one and only attempt made at doing so). At present, I only watch four sitcoms; the Thursday night line-up of which 30 Rock is a part. In my enormous TV-on-DVD collection, of some 70 series represented, only 6 are half hour comedies (and two are animated). Two of those haven't been in production in a minimum of 25 years.

Oddly, one might think that I enjoy so few sitcoms because I have the writer's disease and view so many of them as being total crap. That may be, but my enjoyment of sitcoms is different for the opposite reason. I am able to enjoy them completely free of any level of analysis. In fact, I'd be as likely to enjoy an episode with no plot, just a chain of unconnected scenes almost as much, if not equally as much as a rigidly structured episode.

Also, let me just weigh in on what retards the folks at Maxim are. Sometimes I pick up that rag, occasionally there will be both some hot chick and some interesting article (they had ice truckers a couple of years ago and I thought then "that should be on TV"), but most of the time, they're just stoooopid. Some while back they did this thing called TV's Most Unappealing Ladies. Tina was #3. For some reason they have chosen to rag on someone they have already featured as being hot. Tards.

I also totally agree with Tracy Morgan's assertion that Alec Baldwin is one of the five greatest actors ev-ar. Not too frequently you see a sitcom star nominated for an academy award while they're still on said sitcom. The man fucking nails everything from Fey to Mamet.
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