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Army of Me, the pilot I've been working on of late, is done. Well, mostly. It's all there, page one to page fifty-nine. All the beats. Every couple of days for the next couple of weeks I'll open it up and go through it, tweaking, looking for mistakes, finding a better line. The heavy lifting is over, though, and I'm looking to the next thing and possibly the thing after that.

First thing's first, but not in that order.

Spec'ing something. I need to do it. I am compelled. I have agonized over what it should be. Heroes has long been at the top of that list, but the last thing I need is to base an entire spec on something that gets completely mangled the instant I write THE END (same reason I never dug into a Lost spec either, just too volatile). By the by, dig the Alex Ross cover for the Heroes compilation book. I'm a little disappointed that it's not some new Tim Sale piece, but...this'll do. Click for embiggenment. Actually, there's also a Jim Lee cover as well. Still...not Tim Sale. You'd think that'd be a no-brainer. Anyway, a must for Heroes freaks. Show staff written.

Then it came to me. I know what I'm spec'ing next.

Aw, yeah. Mad Men. This is the choice for me. It's not the hot spec, it's not going to be, but it's got respectable traction and it's the different thing in the pile. It's the new Dexter in that respect. The monkeys aren't rushing in droves to do a Dexter and there were even less doing so shortly after the end of the first season, which is exactly when I finished my Dexter. Just that I had a Dexter got me attention from two guys at two different agencies. Because it was the different thing in the pile, but still something the industry watches.

If I'm rolling wrong on this, it's still going to make a great submission piece for ABC/D, WB, AFF, what-have-you.

But first, I've got another comickly thing I want to write up (and in that time I can mentally work out the Mad Men spec). I'm going to need an artist for this (and I'm going to be paying for it too, not a lot, but a low page rate is better that sitting around drawing pin-ups for no reason all day - so if you're an artist, e-mail me). It's a genre mash-up. I'll tell you one half of the the mash is espionage. The other...I'll keep to myself for now.

In between all of that, I need to a couple of short things for some people with the capacity to actually do something cool with them.
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