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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



The following is Josh's fault.

It started (or rather I first encountered it) as Five Things You Don't Know About Me, in which one was also challenged to slip a fake in there and see who can spot it. So I did that. Then it morphed into seven things and now I've been tagged with the ten things which you may or may not know, so combining this tagging with the Five Things I did some time ago, you're getting fourteen things.

I'm so cheap. Or I'm a bargain.

10. I read a fucking lot. Just not so much books. Magazines, intertron webulator, comics. Sometimes, I just read like twenty or thirty clicks worth of the random article link on Wikipedia.

9. When I'm trying to come up up with something original (and by original, I mean not a spec), I find it difficult to sit down and enjoy new material. Comics, flicks, TV, the occasional book.

It was only once I nailed down the concept and details for my newest pilot project (something to fill the sci-fi slot) that I was able to finally dig into Crooked Little Vein, which appears to be a book. A book that dresses up your brain in a Godzilla costume and spike heels and then does naughty things to it and laughs. Do read it.

8. I've been asked four times now by industry professionals, after receiving compliments from them on my writing, where I went to school to learn to write like I do. I always enjoy the look I get when I tell them "Nowhere." Which leads me to...

7. My only post-high school education consists of a one-class-semester, followed by a year of skirting both sides of full time at a local community college in which I took no writing classes (psychology, history, philosophy) and enrolled essentially to be eligible to be the editor of the school paper (which I was, and snagged some awards for it too). Many of those classes, I dropped.

6. I have difficult to reconcile musical tastes. I have three favorite bands. Nine Inch Nails (seen live three times to date), Duran Duran (four times) and Pink Floyd (alas).

5. My friend Harkins and I came up with this thing that I thought just rawked. Most Saturdays, when I still lived in Illinois, my gang/clique/pack/cult/whatever would inevitably gather at his house. He's got an awesome custom built MAME machine. Anyway, for a while there we would mandate that those who came must bring with them a CD with exactly five songs burned on it (suck it, RIAA) that ascribed to theme declared the previous Saturday. These included such fives as "favorite songs ever," "guilty pleasures," "songs with the word fuck in it," "total cheese," and like so.

I had a hard time narrowing down some of the guilty pleasures, so I used this for one of the tracks. It freed up some room. My willingness to share this with you indicates that I don't have guilty pleasures.

4. I play the guitar. And by "play" I mean "experiment on in a Dr. Frankenstein like-way." Some people use picks. I also use little metal clips, the textured handle of a wrench, and owing to my favorite guitarist, on one occasion, a variable speed vibrator. I haven't done so for a good long while, but I've been eyeing this Steinberger and it may soon be time once again for me to do things that Luther Von Guitar never meant to happen. It can be an expensive hobby.

Also, my favorite guitarist used to be Reeves Gabrels (formerly of Tin Machine)...until he started singing.

3. Two speeding tickets. One day. Indiana. Pennsylvania. One resulted in an arrest warrant. I have been arrested once, in Illinois, because my exhaust inspection didn't process quickly enough and my license was thus suspended (so, as a result, not convicted) and I was speeding a bit (yes, convicted for that). By the way, when a cop puts you in the back of his car cuffed, they're not real amused to later find you uncuffed. Uh, yeah...I have one skill other than writing. Not especially marketable, but handy on rare occasion...though that wasn't one of them.

2. I have every Green Lantern comic going back to Green Lantern #1 (1960). It took a long time, but I did start when I was, like, eight.

1. After living in the Caribbean, in Florida, and currently in California, there's just this one thing. Me no swim.

And now, with the continuing tagginess. I think most people have already been tagged by this one by now, so...if you already did this and I forgot disregard this tag. Or, if you feel like disregarding this tag, disregard this tag. It's really just an excuse to point links to folks what I dig.

1. Russell Lissau (writer of The Batman Strikes and cool journalist dude). As I write this he's at Wizard World Chicago, pimping his work. Damn, I miss hanging out at the con with him. Good times. Good times.

2. Greg Rucka (who totally doesn't have time for this shit anyway).

3. Shaniqua (not her real name)

4. Jonah Weiland (real name and generally awesome guy)

5. Aly (crafty chick extraordinaire)
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