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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Just a worky update.
  • New pilot well underway, a sci-fi thing that would fit in perfectly in the non-existent fourth hour of the upcoming Monday NBC line-up. Unlike the last couple of shots at a pilot, this one kind of built itself and then came over and said "hey, put your name on this!" Only pausing in the writing at the moment because of the vicodin.
God, I'm turning into House. Well, no. If I were House I would only write when on vicodin.

Also, this last week, I've been watching an enourmous amount of House, having picked up the third season and I'm grateful that the only commentary on the set happens to be on "Half Wit," my favorite episode of House (possibly ever, though I still dig "Three Stories" quite a lot.)

  • Completed a script for an Image Slimline format project, but the artist lined up for it decided to pass on it. Since he's still interested in working with me and he's the rare case of the non-flake artist who takes breaking-in seriously, I'm working up several pitches for him and we'll see where it goes. Keeping the completed script as back-up in case some other artist with an appropriate style turns up in the future. If anything, it was useful for working out that set of muscles, as writing a comic is a very different thing from writing anything else.
  • Contacted by someone I knew when I was like six. How weird is that? Involved in an east coast film making society and looking for low-budget shorts. Trying to work up something for that. Non-paying, but I'll have a short film of something I wrote.
  • Still agonizing over what to spec next. Still want to do a Heroes, but that show is just so damn volatile, I don't want to put weeks of work into something that could become completely unviable the week after I finish it.
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