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...and with damn good reason. Just as there's a damn good reason I chose this screengrab for this posting.

Earlier in the week I mentioned my favorite second season episode of Doctor Who, "The Girl in the Fireplace." It was written by Steven Moffat, who I can only describe as one fucking clever bastard, so I had high hopes for this week's episode, "Blink."

He did not disappoint.

Something to understand, for those of you not yet watching this (in reading the comments of other scribosphericalish sites, I've read you and I know that you need to watch this) is that the Doctor Who production schedule forces them to do one Doctor-lite episode. He's there, just not much. The episode usually revolves around some ordinary person and how their life is changed from some random encounter with the Doctor (and they've been really good). "Blink" is that episode.

Can you imagine an American series doing episodes in which the title character is barely there?

In "Blink," the Doctor is stuck in 1969 and manipulates his opportunities (and some people) to get a woman in 2007 to get his TARDIS back to him.

Moffat hits at least nine of the ten wickets (I have no idea if that's even remotely a correct thing to say) with an ingenious script chock with mad ideas. He's really got a knack for using time travel well. The monsters of the week are brilliant and their defeat is slick as all fuck.

If you've ever seen Coupling (not the abyssmal American version) then you know Moffat's writing and you know that he's, as I say, a clever bastard. He created that show and wrote episodes like "Split" which follows two characters simultaneously in split screen through the episode, or "Nine and a Half Minutes" which covers the same place and time from three different POVs. Can you tell the same joke three times and make someone laugh each time? Yeah, you can.

Moffat and Cornell should write at least one episode every year whether Russell Davies is showrunning or not. And damn, if they ever wrote something for American TV...Moffat doing an episode of Lost would shut up a lot of people for a couple of days.

Also, Moffat has Jekyll coming up on BBC1. Certainly warrants watching. It also features Michelle Ryan, the new Bionic Woman.

Edited to add: This episode was also based on a story written for another Doctor in a different medium.
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