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On the heels of Rob Thomas clarifying the deadness of Veronica Mars (and apparently being offered a showrunner position on Miss/Guided), comes this tidbit out of the Banff Festival (to which I'd very much like to go one day).
Thomas recently has been in talks with DC Comics about bringing the teen detective to comic books, an opportunity he's enthusiastic about that will allow him to use the planned fourth season storylines.
It comes from this interview at

Well, there certainly is precedent these days. A friend of mine and I used to wonder why one of the smaller comics publishers hadn't tried to license a mini-series (at least) while the series was airing. It seemed like there was a decent crossover in the audience and the word would get out. A fraction of Veronica's ratings would be astounding comics numbers.

So which season four would we get? The one that picks up Veronica back at Hearst, maybe getting into a little mob trouble and Keith having just lost the sheriff's race or the one that picks up with Veronica Mars in Quantico, VA?

It's also worth noting that DC, through the Wildstorm imprint, is already engaged in the interesting concept of telling the story of Supernatural's John Winchester (Sam and Dean's dad)in comic form, co-written by one of the series producers, Peter Johnson in Supernatural: Origins.

BTW, interviewer Diane Kristine runs the where she frequently writes about awesome Unified Theory of Nothing Much blog where she frequently writes about House and Canadian TV...and quite well at that.
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