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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



How about this (and I invite the viewers at home to play along)? Sometimes, to amuse myself when working at a job I should be paying some attention to but wind up not because too many neurons fire in the human brain to do that job, I think of things. Listy things, sometimes.

Here's a list of list examples.
  • Cover versions I would like to hear that don't exist yet (song, artist)
  • Ways to launder money
  • Guitars I would like to own
  • Things that would make ___________ cry
  • Things I could do with-- Never mind that one
  • Which Simpsons character corresponds to which Dune character
  • Inappropriate uses for satellites if ever I were able to have use of one
  • Practical jokes to play on the world that don't involve me dying
  • Monstrous wastes of enormous sums of money that would be satisfying to no one but me

One I didn't list is the one I'm going to go on about today. TV shows I want on DVD. There are two variations on this list. Reasonable and unreasonable. Reasonable means there is probably a market and I'm not aware of the rights being tied in some morass of legal stupidity. Unreasonable, it stands to reason, means I don't care if the rights to each episode is held by a different argumentative old lady who doesn't speak English and thinks everyone is trying to rip her off and also that I don't care if I'm the only who wants this DVD set in the whole world, known universe and various parallel dimensions where Robert Guillaume is the president.

Things I know are coming out, we leave off. Like the complete unfucked up Twin Peaks.

I list now three TV shows I want on DVD, the unreasonable version (in this case because I suspect each show lacks an adequate market). I invite you to do the same (doesn't have to be three, but no more than reasonable...heh).

In no order.

1. AfterM*A*S*H
One simple reason. My M*A*S*H collection is incomplete without it. And it must include as an extra the W*A*L*T*E*R pilot (that actually even aired once). Don't care how bad it is. I want it.

2. Legend
Richard Dean Anderson as a drunkard western hero and John DeLancie as a Tesla-esque science dude. Ran, like 12 episodes. Michael Piller created it. Want. Now. VHS tapes not holding up so well.

3. The Inside
Tim Minear's serial killer show. Well, not exactly. It followed a special FBI unit that generally went after serial killers. Some profiling. On the surface, nothing new. Digging in, had it continued, it showed it could go some interesting places. Peter Coyote as the sinister boss of the group was fantastic. There was even one ep where the viewer is lead down the path that maybe he's the bad guy of the week...and you don't rule it out.

The reasonable list...would see Life On Mars added in somewhere. They can release the crap that is Robin Hood in R1, but Life on Mars? Whiskey Tango fuckin' Foxtrot.

Oh, and Intelligence too.
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