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Red Right Hand: LIFE ON MARS
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



This comes from that E! Online Kristin place.

J in New York: I work at DC Comics, and you've got some big love here. There's a bunch of us who take your word for gospel, and though it's already sorta out there, we just wanted to send some info your way on the Veronica Mars comic books. They'll be published by our Wildstorm imprint, which is based in San Diego, and R.T. is looking to be firmly on board. We're even hoping for a late fall release of the first issue. Hopefully, more to come...


While I am excited at the prospect of VM's further adventures as penned by Rob Thomas, I am fully aware of how comics is scarcely the ideal format for these stories. Some things will be lost in the translation or left out entirely. Little things.

Think of that second season moment when Weevil want to V for help and V was resistant and it resulted in a lengthy, silent standoff. You could do that in comics, sure. You'd likely get some variation of the "stat" trick, but it would be severely lacking.

You lose acting and timing. You can try to substitute. Panel size and placement and border-breaking are some ways of trying to indicate a timing, but ultimately, the pace belongs to the reader.

Whatever, though. I'm there. It'll be different, but good. Whedon's Buffy isn't the same, but it's still monstrous fun. And no budget constraints.
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