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Just cuz...
Milch did that dialogue thing in Deadwood and now he's doing a different dialogue thing here. Faster and weirder. The pilot seems to, you know? I get to the end and I'm don't really know what this series is going to be about, if anything? I'm not sold on it, and surfer noir is a hard sell on me as it is, but I'll give it some more time. I don't know. It's rare that you get a show that makes you think "what the fuck...?" so frequently without making you want to turn it off. I totally thought the teddy bear would start fake surfing by itself.

I'd rather have Deadwood back, though. Bruce (who is not John) Greenwood's awesome though. I've seen many admit to the man crush.

Perhaps you've noticed that I don't talk about this show (the six of you reading this (I'm not being modest, I check my stats)). You know, this is THE show. Well, I've liked it in increasingly smaller increments since after season two to the point where it just bores me more than anything.

Since it seems the finale has become a national Rorschach test, I figure I'd weigh in. I liked it. I thought it was appropriate for the series and, in fact, not entirely surprising. I'm not saying I expected it, but when it happened I just kind of went "Hmph." Tony's dead. Dead like his dad most likely, and exactly as he thought it would be. "Sudden blackness."

I don't discount the possibility of an onion-ring-instigated heart attack.

And in the world of not HBO.
I just...but in the pilot was all...and this, now, is...where's my Farnsworth Invention movie? When does Charlie Wilson's War open? Not soon enough.

The best show nobody talks about. I'm also relieved that Jerry is still in the firehouse so I don't have to respec (but I do need to adjust for Johnny being dead).

There's also this great shot for a second as Tommy slides down a collapsed floor in the flames and this back of acat's head comes up in the foreground, watching him go down. That cat is us, eh?

Not much to talk about, but I like it. It's a very understated procedural. I had some fun when I spec'ed it. New season hasn't started yet, but I just burned through the season two DVD's. I hadn't seen "Serving The King," which was okay. William Daniels was in it being all CIA bad-ass.

I was amused. I doubt I'll watch every week, but, as I said, I was amused.
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