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I post this now and depending on what happens will probably post it again.

I need an artist. A comic artist. Someone looking to break into the industry is good, because if there's cash involved it's gonna be on the back end. Okay, there might be a little something...but one thing is for certain, I'm not making a damn thing, cashwise. I do this for love of comics and to get my work out there.

I've completed scripting out the first issue of King Vs. Queen, the comic book. It took some time because it was originally written as TV pilot/series and comics and TV are not the same thing. Not even close. Honestly, I'm still tweaking it...just a little.

It's a crime book. There's guns, there's rude people, there's some sex, stuff blows up, there's violence. Sex and violence. And a twist.

There's some other stuff I'm working on also, like something for the Fell slimline format, so contact me if you're up for it.

An aside:
I often hear screenwriters talk about making their script into a graphic novel. They think it's going to be easy. They are so wrong, because they don't knowthing-fucking-one about how to write a comic script. They've gone to all the trouble of learning the ins and outs of screen plays but they don't think there is anything to learn about scripting a comic book. When to use a grid, and when not to, what to use it for, how much you fit in a panel. Where a panel exactly like the one pictured above should and should NOT be on a page. Blah blah blah. I've even read a few of these. They can't seem to grasp the concept that the frame is static. Your character can't make a cup of coffee and open a door in one panel.

Anyway, yeah...need an artist. Looking to do five pages for an Image proposal and, preferably, a commitment to work on the series if it gets picked up. Image pays based on sales, so...there's the back end. There's my email address up up in the top right corner of the site and I'll get into details, send a script, stuff like that. Open to different styles (unless it's Rob Liefeld's style).

You don't have to be in Southern California either. It's the modern they tell me. Have scanner, will publish.
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