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I've been fortunate enough to have this conversation at least once before, but it happened again (though this time through IM) the other day.

Once again, in discussing television shows, a friend of mine remarks favorably on an episode of something. The only thing is, that episode never existed. Well, not officially. It was a spec. My spec. One that they read long, long ago.

That's the thing about this type of conversation. It's very reassuring that you're hitting all the right notes in a spec, but usually, by the time the memory of reading is blurred into the false memory of watching, the spec is out of the rotation.

In this case, it was The Shield.

"You remember the one where Aceveda was trying stall Dutch's investigation of, like, a dead illegal until after the, like, fiscal year in a few days or something?"

Yeah. I remember it. I wrote it.

I wrote it during the second season or thereabouts and pulled it out of rotation during the fourth, once it got really out of date with Aceveda being a councilman, there being a new captain and like that. It served its purpose though, I got a little bit of traction with it at the time that indirectly led to some things going on now.

Now, I just gotta find a friend of mine who watches House pretty regularly. I'm damn fucking pleased with my new House spec and I'm hoping that it'll spawn another similar conversation in a couple of years.
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