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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



This is what passes for a post during a week filled with sweet, sweet vicodin (and a crappy new job). A rant on the state of health care would be called for, but I simply...huh...anyway...some spoilers, so...y'know.

GILMORE GIRLS: "Gilmore Girls Only"
They recast Mia. While Kathy Baker's okay, I really liked Elizabeth Franz who originated the role in The Ins and Out of Inns. She had much more the friendly surrogate mom vibe. Fine episode, but I would have liked to see something more between Mia and Emily.

HOUSE: Half-Wit
That was too bloody perfect. A quintessential House episode. Usually, my favorite House eps are the ones that go off-formula ("Three Stories" for instance). Not this time. Kurtwood Smith rawks too. Dave Matthews weren't bad none neither.

I wish I'd thought of it (faster). I'd started looking into the cancer/depression research thing used in that episode as I eye heading back to House for a new spec to probably replace my aging Veronica Mars in the rotation. (Why do I not engage in a new VM? Is it because of the iffy future. No. It's because the phenomenon that just obliterated my potential House script has happened to me at least four times this season with VM. At least I'm on the same page, eh?)

I just don't know what to think about this. It could lead to something supernatural. I don't like the actively supernatural stuff on BG. Like the prophesied nova, for instance. Maybe she's just dead. It's possible. Seems a little "eh" if that's the case. So Starbuck was just frakked in the head and dove in? Destiny? No? I guess time will tell on this one.

HEROES: "(Like Any) Parasite"
Kept my interest coming off of the supertabulous "Company Man."

Missy Peregrym in a short plaid skirt will do that.

No, seriously. Things are consistently happening now and I'm along for the ride. Still trying to work out a way to spec this, but it makes my brain hurt (mmm...the vicodin). I'm sure anything I could come up with would have a stupid-short shelf life and I hate that.
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