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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Since I can't quite bring myself to write about what has actually been been on my mind recently other than to say in has to do with the general "inaccessability" of TV lit agents and the desire to be judged by my writing and not by who I don't know, I shall curse you all with a meme (or a MeMe) I snagged from Blogography. It's short and unobnoxious with an alphabet theme.

Going linkless on this one, so Google up if you feel the need.

A- Available or Single? Available in much the same way as H5N1 is available.
B- Best Friend? One, for absolutely certain and it has become more and more certain of late.
C- Cake or Pie? I like frosting, surely, but ultimately I go for pie. Cherry, apple and pineapple.
D- Drink of Choice? Cherry Vanilla Doctor Pepper. Don't even have to think about it.
E- Essential Item? my iBook. Again, no-brainer.
F- Favorite Color? I really, honestly don't have one. Thus, I lean toward black. Goes with everything.
G- Gummi Bears or Worms? Worms, if only for the dirt-related treats made with them.
H- Hometown? Not born there, don't know if I'll get back there, but Lake County, IL
I- Indulgence? DVDs, I s'pose. Comics? Used to be craps. $25 on the field.
J- January or February? January. I get presents in January.
K- Kids and Names? They are not legally defined as children so much as pets,
L- Life is incomplete without…? TV...I'm a sad, sad man.
M- Marriage Date? Irrelevant as I'm no longer married.
N- Number of Siblings? Zip.
O- Oranges or Apples? Oranges.
P- Phobias/Fears? I fear the crash and burn. In the general sense.
Q- Favorite Quote? "By changing some words, the world can move...or not, by changing some words." - Toby Ziegler
R- Reasons to smile? Lacking at the moment.
S- Season? Fall, I guess.
T- Tag 3 people? Shyeah.
U- Unknown Fact About Me? Another one? Geez. I frequently wake up, make a peanut butter sandwich, eat it and go right back to sleep. Whole thing takes about four minutes.
V- Vegetable You Hate? Potatoes in mashed form.
W- Worst Habit? That I'll admit to? How about letter U.
X- Xrays You’ve Had? Just dental
Y- Your Favorite Foods? Portillo's chili cheeseburger, scrambled eggs, cheap steaks, and ham.
Z- Zodiac? Caprica....duh, I mean Capricorn. Big old goat.
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