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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



It's time for some adjustments in the Most Highly Favored.

On the TV side. Dexter was the most recent addition until now. I've considered Friday Night Lights and have decided to add it. For now. We'll see how the ratings and executives treat it come May.

Watch it, even if you don't like football. Or Texas. Such subtle writing.

More action on the comics side.

First is Manhunter. Cancelled. Again. 30 issues, not a bad run. Actually, a little up and down but the use of DC history put me in mind of Starman and then actually making her be a relation of Jack Knight helped endear the series to me somewhat. It's done though.

Solid writing, fantastic art and the use of that same DC history, that continuity and depth is what gets Justice Society of America on the list. And that guy on the left...the latest Starman. Putting a Starman in there is a good way to get me involved. Maybe not recommended for the comics newbie, but I loves the hell out of it.

. Off now. Technically not done. There's one more issue. An epilogue issue. Who knows when this will happen. Could be this year, could be next. Maybe Ellis and Cassaday will never get around to it (and that would be decent cause for rioting). Being that that is the case, it's time for it to come down. If you're a fan of super-heroes (of any kind) and you didn't read this, you might as well just irradiate yourself now, because either you'll get super-powers or your wasted life will soon be over.

And for those who may have wondered about the criteria or lack thereof for getting on the Most Highly Favored sidebar. I generally steer away from mini-series (TV or print). In fact, it's all stuff that has some level of ongoingness about them. That's why no films or novels, though I suppose I could spotlight a novel or film series, but I'm not gonna (though, the Queen & Country spot, while picturing the comic, can be assumed to cover the novels as well). And, as evidenced in this post, things not currently in production are not listed. If they were, it would be a huge list of comics and tv shows going back to 60's...even the 40's. Maybe someday I'll make a (separate) page of them or something, but not today. Also, they are in no particular order, occasionally I'll move them around. Just because.
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