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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Sorry about that cryptic title. Just had to make an obscure screenwriting/World of Warcraft play on words there and I know it was really bad and geeky and...yeah.

Shawna Benson has done some research and come out with a ranking of what the hot TV specs are. We thank her for her service and there will be a little something extra in her paycheck this week. Now, we'll get to how that affects me.

Curse her name!

I could have used that list one day earlier. One day!

A request came through for some of my specs. Two requests really. Well, one and half..sorta.

My recently completed Dexter script was specifically asked for in one case and resulted in my spending more of my Wednesday evening in prufreeding and review than immersed in The Burning Crusade. Had I had this information first, I might have sent off my spec for The Closer rather than one of the other two I'd selected to ride with Dex. And the pilots. And the photographs. They're grainy, but you can make out the faces. Knowhatahmean? Yeah, you do.

There's certainly is something to the hot spec thing. Upon mention of Dexter there was excitement. Well, there was an exclamation point.

Now, I'm trying to brainstorm for a Heroes spec (arguably ranked #2 on the hot spec scale (where Ugly Betty is #1 and Dexter is #3 (again, the Benson list (and now parentheses for the sake of parentheses))). the question is how to get around the arc and not write something that will feel dusty before February sweeps is over.

In the meantime, I need a job. Anyone? Hook a dude up?
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