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Not so much Emmys as M-ies.

The ones that exist only my little world where my only consideration is that I remember these being really kewl. That's the word we use here. Kewl. Not "important" or "well-crafted" and whatever. Just...kewl. (Spelled that way becuase it's said that way).

So, for Kewlest Writing In Drama...

"6:00 A.M. - 7:00 A.M."
Robert Cochran

Battlestar Galactica
Anne Coffell Saunders

Doctor Who
"Father's Day"
Paul Cornell

Rescue Me
Denis Leary and Peter Tolan

Veronica Mars
"Donut Run"
Rob Thomas

The West Wing
"The Last Hurrah"
Lawrence O'Donnell, Jr.

There were serious contenders from House, The Shield, and Lost. And there's some stuff I like, but didn't really watch...waiting for DVD's instead, but honestly, I don't think any of those were going to make it. Sopranos was never in it for me.

A note on the Doctor Who selection. I'm adhering to the ATAS rules somewhat (American broadcast, etc), so while I'd be inclined to nominate "The Girl in the Fireplace" (not an episode of Bones) from the current (UK) season, I'm going to go with the season that just aired on Sci-Fi. I think something like this happened with The Office from the BBC.

And my choices for comedy...

Gilmore Girls
"Friday Night's Alright for Fighting"
Amy Sherman-Palladino

My Name is Earl
"Stole Beer From A Golfer"
Michael Pennie

The Office
"Dwight's Speech"
Paul Lieberstein

"My Half-Acre"
Bill Callahan

"My Way Home"
Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan

Though of the ones actually nominated in those real world Emmys (which I'm only inclined to acknowledge when I like the outcomes, but it's just suck a political, skewed crap-shoot, so...), If it were my pick, I'd go with, for drama, either Six Feet Under or Lost. I'd flip a coin on it. So different. And I'd kinda grown weary on SFU. For comedy, The Office. I just like it. And that's the rules 'round here. The shit I like.

Which of my choices will win? My rules say I don't have to pick one, so...
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