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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Everyone else seems to be commenting on THIS, so I will too. That and it reminded me of something.

First off, not Colbert's best stuff. Second off, doesn't fucking matter. He had a clean shot and he took it. There are those that complain that he should have been even-handed, as is the custom at WHCDs, at fired off some slugs into the Democrats, but I think that fact that he didn't only serves to further illuminate the idea that the current administration is so loathsome that I don't even need to finish this sent--

I watched the WHCD on C-SPAN. I usually do, most years. Clinton made them interesting (in many ways). He had a good sense of humor. I thought back to the first (and best) one I saw. Year 2000. A certain little Aaron-Sorkin-show-I-talk-about-too-much was the break out hit of the TV season and the Dinner opened with a short film in which then-Press Secretary Joe Lockhart toured the set with Allison Janney (the voice of Kaiser Permanente) to comedic effect.

It ended (or near ended) with the tour culminating in the Oval Office set where Martin Sheen was found to be constantly rearranging the snow globes on Bartlet's desk with his face right down on the desktop. He was all OCD about it. Lockhart questions Janney on Sheen's behavior. Janney replies to the effect of "If you had spent 18 months in the jungle with Francis Ford Coppola, you would be a little crazy too."

This would have been a damned fine extra on the first West Wing DVD set...or the second...or the third...

The 2000 WHCD is available on DVD from C-SPAN, but not with the West Wing bit.

Even the intertron webulator has failed me. Not on YouTube or GoogleVideo. So if someone has possession of this, maybe having taped it off C-SPAN that year, and is willing to violate some copyrights and upload it (or just send it to me), it'd be appreciated.

And yeah, even when Colbert isn't in top form, I'm still laughing.
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