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Red Right Hand: WHAT IF?
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At the risk of getting overly repititious on the subject, there's been another Battlestar Galactica writer's meeting posted (which if you're smart enough to have subbed to the podcast, you already know).

This one's great because it features the staff breaking a good chunk of the second half of the second season in a direction they ultimately did not go. Here's your alternate BG season 2.5.

And by way of segue, Lorelei said "frakking" the other night. Now that'd be a crossover, wouldn't it? Maybe that would make Rory the Cylon messiah.

For those who may have missed it, Amy Sherman-Palladino has opted not to return to Gilmore Girls next year (interview HERE). This has been a show that is clearly of one strong voice, much like Sorkin's West Wing.

West Wing
recovered (and it did recover), but it did so by becoming a different show. What will happen to the Gilmores? Don't know. I fear it, but I am hopeful.

I'm sure many will call it total shite, hell...the Gilmore faithful even rag on AS-P sometimes. Fourth season and this season for example, though I had and have no problem with them. I think it's a case of fans getting a little too possesive over characters. (See Maybe You Jumped The Shark.)

UPDATE: Here's a lil' somethin' on the replacement showrunner, Rosenthal. CLICKY.

Hey, what if Jack Bauer tracked some terrorist plot to a high school in the San Diego suburbs and teamed up with a plucky blonde student there?
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