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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Allow me to advocate piracy for a moment.


I feel no guilt at all in using the mighty BitTorrent to download something when it is something that has been denied me. The Global Frequency pilot for one. Now, this intarweb thingy has given me another gift.

You may recall (though probably not) a little TV series that ran for a few weeks last summer called The Inside. Developed by Tim Minear (he of the many great series what were yanked out from under him). It featured Peter Coyote as the most delightfully devious FBI boss ever in a show about serial killer-hunters that was more about Coyote's character trying to-- I dunno --control the soul of a pre-Alias Rachel Nichols.

It was maybe a hard sell to a crowd that knows only Law and Order and CSI. It was mismanaged by Fox (and they admit it) and it was predictably yanked after seven episodes.

Now, Britain's ITV is running the thirteen completed episodes and they've hit the ones that were, as I say, denied me. And what better (and somewhat sick) way to get started anew with this series that with a "psycho dead-baby thief" story co-written by Jane Espenson. Thank you, ITV. Thank you, TV pirates. Thank you, Tim and Jane (and everyone else involved in making the show).
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