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Red Right Hand: MEGACON
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



MegaCon was this weekend.

Not a bad weekend, as far as the SciFi Zone Radio show went. Snagged lots of great guests. Specifically, we got John Schneider of Smallville, comics legends Sal Buscema and George Perez, Mira Furlan from Lost, Howard Chaykin (The Flash, and comics writer and artist), Cirroc Lofton from Deep Space Nine and more recently Invasion and George Lowe the voice of Space Ghost on Space Ghost: Coast to Coast.

Tails to Amaze did some brisk business, but the scheduled panel didn't happen. The only thing that MegaCon doesn't really seem to handle well is panels, because otherwise the whole con seemed to be quite successful and fun. The panels lean heavily toward anime and all are pretty much left to the devices of whoever's panel it is. As such, an packed anime panel got started about a half hour late (and was scheduled to only be a half an hour). While the fine folks behind Half Moose Media will do many things, taking on a bunch of costumed anime...people ain't one of them.

And thanks to the likes of Tommy Castillo (Detective Comics), Rodney Ramos (Transmetropolitan), Raven Gregory (The Gift), Shannon Chenoweth (The Line) and Jamie Yeates (Harry Potter) for joining us at dinner Saturday night. Tommy was certainly the sport as he did sketches on tortilla chips. Behold the Cthulhu Green Lantern.

He said if you ate the chip, you would gain the power of whatever was drawn upon it. He did a lot of Batman. I got a fuckin' Elder God with a power ring.
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