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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Rob Thomas (not the second-rate pop crooner) has an excellent one-stop shop for those interested in the devlopment of a successful TV pilot. At his flash-ridden website, Slave Rats, you can find the original script for the Veronica Mars pilot, along with some development notes and a downloadable commentary (for use with the mostly featureless DVDset).

This current season has been sharp and the intrigue is...intriguing. There's a lot more oging on than in the last season, but as "Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang" deftly displays, there is a nice balance between the many ongoing threads and presenting a solid one-piece case for Veronica to break (though I imagine that the Casablancas thing isn't over yet either).

And more on the impending Sorkin-ey goodness. Again, sayeth Variety...

Peacock has won an intense bidding war for the next TV show from "The West Wing""The West Wing" duo, an hourlong drama dubbed "Studio 7 on the Sunset Strip" that's set behind-the-scenes at a longrunning Los Angeles-based sketch comedy show (Daily Variety, Oct. 5). It's believed the net has made a rich 13-episode commitment to the Warner Bros. TV project.

Normally, I care not for shows about show business...though as I think about that, it really only applies to crappy sitcoms. No matter, Sorkin could write a show about former plumbers with Alzheimer's in a South Florida retirement home, I'd watch it. Now, about abbreviating that mothful of a title. S7SS? Sx4? Just S7?
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