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Red Right Hand: MOVING ON UP
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Once "Eightball" is done, the next script to be forced out of the rotation will be Alias.Too bad, I was rather pleased with that one, but it's increasingly out of date by the second and probably wasn't the greatest spec choice.

I'm going to gamble a bit on my next spec. I'm going to go ahead and work up something for the only new series to show up in the top 20.

I'm digging Commander-In-Chief quite a bit. Donald Sutherland (who has always been a favorite) is great in the role of the "bad guy." Kyle Secor is always welcome and after The Inside, I have a newfound interest in Peter Coyote. Here's to his impending confirmation. West Wing comparisons are inevitable, but it isn't West Wing and it really isn't trying to be West Wing. It's got a focus on the President's family. The arc of Secor's character trying to find his place is fascinating and the politics are dirtier than anything Bartlet's ever seen.

I'm hoping that as the only new hit, it might gain popularity as a spec read. If it doesn't, I'll just send it in to Scriptapalooza and promptly forget about it.

And I totally missed Chris Carter Day. Sorry, Chris.
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