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Red Right Hand: FIGHT
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Tell me there isn't a market for this.

Call it Versus or something.

Get a big company with a healthy stable of super-characters like DC or Marvel or...DC or Marvel. Take whichever writer and/or artist is available that month and have 'em draw a couple of character names out of a really big hat. Wonder Woman and Bizarro. She-Hulk and Magneto. Batman and Ambush Bug. Whatever. Take which ever two names are drawn and create a solid sixteen pages (we'll go with the Warren Ellis Fell format, just 'cuz I dig it) and do nothing but wall-to-wall fight. No story. No build up to the fight, no reason why they're fighting, nothing. Just fight. Sometimes there's a decisive victory, sometimes there's a humiliating retreat. Sometimes there's a winner, but it's arguable who it may have been. Never, though, a draw. Nothing but a showcase for battle tactics and clever quips. No pesky continuity. Just BAM POW CRASH. Slap a price tag of 2 bucks (cheap) on it and let it be a guilty pleasure, you know. Sometimes, let us aspire to reach lower. For the people.

Ambush Bug.

You fuckin' know it.
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