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Red Right Hand: SEASON PREMIERES (parte the seconde)
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.


SEASON PREMIERES (parte the seconde)

THRESHOLD: "Trees Made of Glass" parts one and two
Written by Bragi Schut/Brannon Braga & David Goyer

Of the three rather similar new sci-fi series, this is the good one. Nicely drawn characters, an excellent cast and an attention to detail. Much potential for mad ideas here. There's some stuff that could be done with Dinklage's and Spiner's characters, but I don't know if CBS will let 'em go there. I dig Goyer's past works, so that's got me on board for now. Keep watching and see where it goes. Besides, Gugino's hot. Wouldn't it be weird if she got together with Dinklage's mildly depraved character? If they formed some sort of bond during this crisis?

HEX: "Season Two Episode One"
Written By Lucy Watkins

I never got around to watching the first season of Hex. it's been called things like the British Buffy. Apparently by people who didn't much care for Buffy, but I can see where it comes from... I didn't get into it very much, but it seems ripe for an Americanization by The WB (very soapy for having so few eps) which I will, also, not likely get into very much. And no, I don't think my failure to be engaged has anything to do with not watching the four episodes of the first season. I figured out what was going on just fine and simply didn't care much. Thelma the Lesbian Ghost was the only interesting character. The lead character, Cassie, didn't feel very well defined.

E-RING: "Snatch & Grab"
Written By Ken Robinson & David McKenna

The pilot feels a little rough and some of the characters seem to be falling back on stereotypes, but I'm thinking that this can shake out and the series can find its footing in short order. It feels like a military version of The Agency starting out. This one was a nice little done-in-one with lots of stuff that can be carried forward. While this one went all good for the heroes, I hope that this series doesn't just go all rah-rah. I like it when things go south badly, as I thought they might do when the two "tangos" showed up on the screen. I admit, I'm predisposed to like this sort of thing, so...yeah, I'll be watching this one. If it picks up, I wouldn't mind spec'ing it.

Not a big sitcom fan, but I like Arrested Devlopment and the new episode is as good as the rest. If you enjoy Arrested Development, then you've got no damn business changing the channel and not watching Kitchen Confidential. Also, I hit My Name Is Earl, 'cuz I like Jason Lee, and I was not disappointed. If people would actually watch this stuff (and it sounds like Earl had good numbers) that maybe the sitcom market could get out of its craptacular rut.
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