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Red Right Hand: SEASON PREMIERES (parte the first)...AND SOME OTHER STUFF
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



LOST: "Man of Science, Man of Faith"
Written by Damon Lindelof

I was very satisfied with the contents of the hatch. I also believed that, to a certain degree, it didn't matter what's in the hatch. Eventually there would be something in there and it would factor into the overall mystery of the island, however there's 14+ characters on this show and they are all interesting (past and present). As long as that hatch drives them, I don't care what's in it. Now, it's been blown open and descended into...and while it raises many more questions (and it damn well better) it seems to set a tone for the next phase of this series. I look forward to the weirdness within. Hatch-smatch, we're into the second season and there are questions from the first episode that still haven't been answered. Fine with me. They'll be gotten to eventually...and I have faith that it will be good.

NIP/TUCK: "Momma Boone"
Written by Ryan Murphy

Predictable teaser. Good everything else. I like Rhona Mitra, so good addition there. A damn well-written melodrama. Hard thing to do, that. Always skirting the edge. Not of falling into farce, quite the opposite...of becoming dead serious. You can always count on this show to be a perverse fun.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: "Flight of the Phoenix"
Written by Weddle & Thompson

Some have said the the show seems to be hitting a mid-season lull or something. They're wrong. It's breathing room. It's taking some time to tell some of the smaller stories that can get buried under big even arcs like the recent coup/martial law thing that dominated the first seven episodes of the season. I welcome it before things get big again, like with the Pegasus showing up.

PRISON BREAK: "English, Fitz or Percy"
Written by Zack Estrin

There's nothing wrong with being plot-driven as opposed to character driven and it doesn't have to mean formula. Prison Break succeeds because it has clearly defined characters that make it fun to watch as these people have all manner of obstacle thrown at them. I also like the little fake-outs thown at us. They're not plot twists, but they kind of feel like them. Truly an engaging show.

HOUSE: "Autopsy"
Written by Lawrence Kaplow

Nothing special (not to say bad, because it wasn't). If anything, heavy on the pathos. I note this one because I liked the ending montage, both for the motorcycles and because after last week's "Hallelujah" thing, they came back with a home run. They went out and got Elvis Costello to do a cover of Christina Aguleira's "Beautiful." I want it.

Written by Daniel Palladino

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