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Either I can't understand television executives or they can't understand anyone else.

Global Frequency is easily one of the best pilots I've seen of late. It was written by John Rogers and was a rollicking good adventure show that fits in nicely in this "post-Lost" season without trying to copy Lost directly by sticking people and/or aliens in the water and making weird things happen (much like at least three fall shows).

For those not up to speed, this pilot was passed on by WB and who-knows-who-else and was relegated to sitting around not being seen by anyone. Well, it snuck out and got "pirated" on BitTorrent and a grass-roots campaign sprung up around it. Now, keep in mind, this isn't like a write-in to keep a show from getting cancelled. This is, to my knowledge, a first. People wanted to get a show that never got on the air...on the air. A true phenomenon. For more on GF, go here.

Now according to creator Warren Ellis on a recent emailing, all this buzz from these illicit copies has killed-killed-killed GF getting on the air. So it's more dead than it was, if such a thing can be. I guess WB is a little pissed about it escaping into the wild.

My message to them: Get over it.

Imagine for a moment that I could not only bake a pie, but that I could do it well. Now, Imagine I left that pie to cool in the window and one of the local guttersnipes came 'round and nicked it.

Now imagine that said guttersnipe and several thousand of his buddies came knocking on my door, copped to stealing the pie and having all had a taste, said they would like more from me, all legal-like this time. They would spread the word to the other snipes and everyone would save up their pennies and buy my pies and when I put out the DVD of my pies, they'd buy that too.

Now imagine I said, "No. I don't want your money, your adulation or your ratings points, 'cuz you made off with a pie of mine that I was actually not going to eat. I was going to dig a hole in a nearby gravel pit and bury it there."

In what scenario is that not idiotic?

WB, you've got the kind of buzz that you cannot buy with marketing and In a way that hasn't really been done before. (Though I suspect that the leak of this fall's Supernatural (WB again) onto the interweb is anything but an accident and has essentially gone unnoticed.)

Why do you dislike your audience so much that you will not give them what they want, but you will force upon them shite like Living with Fran?
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