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The latest production of Mastermind (v.2.0) has now come to a close. The city (and the internets) are safe once again.

The experience has been astounding in many ways.

Firstly, the experience, as I have written previously, of handing over my work to be interpreted - filtered through he vision of a director and the performances of two actors that I did not really have (or for that matter offer) input on. I was very fortunate to have the awesome Susan Lee stage the piece and the extremely talented Brad Wilcox and Beth Ricketson portraying the two leads, and being that they're the only two people in the play, there's a lot of heavy lifting to be done there and they did it effortlessly. Well, not effortlessly...I know they put a lot of work into it, but it looked effortless.

Opening night was pretty cool. The performance was solid. The house was not at fullest capacity, but it was close. One of the audience, at my invitation was a TV exec and she really inflated my ego comparing the play, favorably, to the works of a certain Joss Whedon.

And a big thanks to John Rogers, executive producer and co-creator of Leverage (the absolute coolest crime and cons show you're gonna see) for plugging the show on his site that opening weekend.

A film producer, invited by premiere Mastermind evangelist, Josh Weiss-Roessler (thanks Josh!), attended on Sunday (the third performance), and while I missed her at the theatre, we had a good meeting later in the week. She was also blown away by Brad's performance and is looking to utilize him in one of her upcoming projects.

I didn't go last Friday night (fourth performance), but Emily did.

The following night however, was a full house. Extra rows were set up and the sheer number of bodies made it a little extra toasty in the house. Among those in attendance, fellow supervillain creator, Emmet Furey (Fury of Solace). It was also, like, screenwriting blogger (many of those listed in the sidebar) night. Shawna's review is here. Some of my writer's group attended and friends I don't get to see nearly enough. And another producer hook-up resulted from that night. Most importantly, the night ended with pie at Four & Twenty.

Sunday, the final performance, was a packed house once again. Fortunately, I was situated directly beneath the air vent. David Anaxagoras made the trek out, for which I am immensely grateful, as he had to slog through two counties worth of traffic to get there. Check out his review.

The manager made it out and her first words to me after the show were "when do I get the feature version of this?" Yeah, already on that. "That's what I like about this one," she told her assistant. "He's always one step ahead of me." She's been on me to write a feature, but I just haven't really been motivated...until now. TV, still where my head is at.

I opened my email yesterday morning to find missives from people I don't even know telling me how much they enjoyed the show and how they wish they could tell their friends to go see it, but alas...the run, it is done. My favorite comment was "you should try and create the piece as a television series. I have to say, and my friends agree, that it is a show I would miss work to watch."

I'm keeping my eyes open for future opportunities for production. Now having seen it done twice in two very different ways, I'm interest to see how else it can be done. So, if you or someone you know is in theatre and are looking to do a one-act, lemme know. Mastermind is available. There's still a Canadian performance pending for later in the year.

Also, this production specifically. It's likely not the last you'll see of it, but that's all I'll say of that for the moment.

And thanks to Kira Snyder for the advice when I set out to write this one-act and for letting me read some of her fantastic one acts.


The new play festival at the Eclectic Company Theatre is not over, however. There are still six more productions through the rest of the summer. I intend to hit them. So should you.
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